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Conditions of sale Trek Chemin de l'Inca + Trek Lares


You must inform us of your medical problems or allergies. You must be physically fit, and if you have any doubts about your health, consult a doctor. We unload us from all medical problems you are arriving during the trek.


You should inform your guide if you wish to opt out of the class or camp for an independent ride or other. If you have any problems, please notify the guide immediately, and it will try to resolve them.
If you have no experience in the altitude trekking, consider asking an additional carrier.


Any change in dates for bookings (trains, reservations visits ...) will result in additional costs, while taking into account availability.


Readjustments price following the dollar may be taken into account. Several methods of payment:
By bank transfer: secure transfer from your bank to our bank. However, transmission costs will be borne by the banks for each transfer ... between US $ 10 and US $ 35. We must therefore make sure your bank as we receive the full amount, excluding bank fees.
Agency Western Union: This very secure agency has offices in major cities around the world. For about US $ 120 deposited, the agency fees are more or less US $ 12. Look at the nearest branch on
You must pay your trek in full before departure. If the balance was not paid in full, it must be set to the agency, in cash. We will notify you by email once we have received your payment.


If you are a student and are in possession of the ISIC (International Student Identity Card), and you receive the discount on the purchase of the trek, you must have it with you all along your journey, she You may be asked several times. Unfortunately, no other student card is valid.


The trek has already been booked 50% of the total amount; the cancellation does not refund the deposit.
If you wish to include Huayna Picchu entrance to your visit Machu Picchu, you must indicate us when booking (the input space is limited), then there will be an additional US $ 70 for the ticket Huayna Picchu.
Tickets entries are personal and not refundable.
We disclaim any responsibility to an unforeseeable or unavoidable event, or of a third party (delay or cancellation of flights). You are solely responsible for your own personal property and leased equipment.
We take no responsibility for additional costs due to adverse weather conditions, natural disaster, accident, illness, injury ... We reserve the right to modify or cancel the program due to any unexpected conditions listed above.


These treks are recommended during the dry season. The unexpected rain can cause snowfalls causing a difficult journey ... and possibly the closure of some roads. In this case, we can not be held responsible; an alternative route can be borrowed. Where Machu Picchu is found closed for climatic reasons, we will set for selecting an alternative program.
All bookings made on the Inka Trail Trek and Trek Lares to Machu Picchu conclude that you have read this document, indicated the agency's policy.

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