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Experiential Tourism - Umasbamba
1 day          Difficulty: 1/3

The Cultural Center of Ñujch'u is located in the township of Umasbamba, in Chinchero district, about forty minutes from Cusco.


The members of the Umasbamba peasant community want to make visitors aware of their identity through different expressions of their culture. You will be welcomed by the sound of the pututu, the ceremonial Andean trumpet made from a sea conch, traditional music and songs. After, will take place a tinka, a symbolic offering in honor of Mother Earth to thank her for the new prosperous day and for being able to interact with brothers of different cultures. Then you will be introduced to the leaders of the Cultural Center.


The proposed activities are:

→ Homestay: Spend a night with a family from Umasbamba

→ Craft tourism: Choose between a demonstration of textile art of the region of Cusco, or a demonstration of Andean agriculture

→ Mystic tourism: reading from the Mama Coca, offering to the Pacha Mama, Apus and Mama Qocha, Llama Hiruy (for lamas)

→ Andean tourism through a walk with lamas

Possibility to take breakfast, lunch and dinner: pachamanka, traditional snack, Andean buffet, traditional dessert, chicha (refreshment) of purple corn, chicha of quinoa, herbal and digestive teas.

Demonstration of Textile Art:

Visitors will be invited to accompany members of the community to collect flowers and leaves that will be used as natural dye components. We will continue with an explanation and a brief demonstration of the shearing, the spinning and the transformation of the wool into skein. Afterwards take place a demonstration of the process of dyeing and fixing of the color on the wool, and ends with that of weaving with the hand. The iconography used in each of these fabrics is fulfilled by a significant symbolic value to the members of the Umasbamba community. They will relate us the meaning of some of the most important motives. Finally, we will go to the exhibition hall of finished garments where we can choose between a variety of exposed textiles (blankets, centerpieces, scarves, shawls, chuspas or Andean bags, belts, among others). We will conclude with a delicious Andean lunch prepared with ingredients from the region.


Visitors are invited to accompany the villagers to the fields and participate in the agricultural activity depending on the period of year. They can learn more about the link between the Andean man and the agriculture inherited from their ancestors, using ancestral tools such as the chakitaclla (Inca spade), hoe and others. The explanation and demonstration of each of the processes aims to involve the visitor in a direct experience with the Mother Earth or Pachamama, and make it clear that the relationship between the Umasbamba people and the Andean universe that surrounds them is indivisible. Coclusion with lunch prepared with native ingredients from the region.


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