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Experiential Tourism - Patacancha
1 day          Difficulty: 1/3

The community of Patacancha is located 88km from Cusco, about 2:00 by car, in the district of Ollantaytambo, where it is not uncommon to meet people from it.


Paired with the town of Willoq, it is an ethnic group that has kept alive Inca traditions. Going to meet them is an essential experience to get closer to the lifelong Andean way of life, rich in multi-millennial traditions.

One of the specialties of Patacancha villagers is their Textile Art, a heritage treasure whose their own clothes immediately show up very catchy colors in red and black tones. The register, of high quality, is varied (covers or lliclla, ponchos, scarves, bags ...), and the visitors can find unique value in these jewels smelling authenticity, more than in the products sold in some chains clothing and markets of Cusco or Lima. This art is a tradition that is transmitted from mother to daughter, from generation to generation. Regarding the colors, they draw their ink from local plants, and each motif that comes alive in the loom of the artist holds a symbolic meaning that has lasted for centuries or even millennia (the oldest textiles discovered in Peru in the Huaca Prieta are 6000 years old) and whose iconographic origin of the bestiary and geometric patterns finds its descent in the rock paintings of the subcontinent, deeply imprints of shamanism.

To live an experience like this is also to involve the poorest communities in the benefits of tourism. Like other indigenous communities in Peru, villagers realized that their skills are an asset that needed to be exhibited in order to enhance and keep them alive.


The village cooperative bringing together some thirty families will welcome you depending on whether you travel in a group or as a couple.

The proposed activities are:

→ Homestay: Spend a night with a family from Patacancha

→ Demonstration of textile art

→ Demonstration of local farming

Possibility to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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