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Pérou Cusco - Agence de Voyages in Cusco  Perú Cusco -  Agencia de Viajes en Cusco  
Company of Jesus
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Located on the Plaza de Armas to the right of the cathedral when you are in front, this church competes with her height, size and luxury.
In 1650 a terrible earthquake over 7degrés the richter scale occurred with many aftershocks that razed the church of Jesus. Christ following the judgment earthquakes become one of the most famous of Peru "Señor de los temblores", "Lord of Earthquakes" and is venerated in the Cathedral of Cusco.
Cusco had suffered from the recomposition of the city by the Spaniards, almost all churches and houses destroyed. But the Jesuits have rebuilt the church beucoup bigger than the first.
The Cathedral will still have to wait between 94 and 104 years to be completed.
This church was built on the site where was the palace of the palace Amaru Kancha Inca Wayna Capac in, huge property surrounded by walls.