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Pérou Cusco - Agence de Voyages in Cusco  Perú Cusco -  Agencia de Viajes en Cusco  
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At 2 Km. from Cusco Impressive Inca site where you can appreciate monumental stones of excellent architecture. It presents immense walls conformed by immense stones distributed in zigzag form in three platforms that have an average 360 meters long. Stones exist of up to 9 meters long and 5 of wide.  


3,680 m.a.s.l. Big rock carved with canals, stairs and animal figures. Considered as a ceremonial and ritual center.


3,680 m.a.s.l. At 6 Km. from Cusco. Old tambo, position of relevance along the inka roads.


3,756 a.s.l.

At 7 Km. from Cusco. A quiet and mythic place where water was worshiped, place of cult to the liquid element.


In the Inca times the most important parties coincided with the astronomical events, Such us Solstices, equinoxes, which were celebrated in all the cities and small towns, but in Cusco took place the most amazing party, because it was the Capital of he empire, considered as the center or navel of the Andean World. 

Among all the parties, it was the most important, made in honor to the sun, because the Sun was the maximum visible expression of the creation, origin and Source of life itself. It used to begin during the winter solstice.