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Pisac which means "partridge" in Quechua is located 32 kms from Cusco. This is the most fascinating site after Machu Picchu due to its environment and quality of ruins. Ruins divided into 4 groups: Pisaqa, Intihuatana, and Q'Allaqasa Kinchiracay. At the foot of the mountain at an altitude of 2 800m, well known town for its great tourist craft market. But above all famous for its terraces. Mid-July to spend the festival of the "Virgen del Carmen"
The site had three functions:
- Military, he defended the southern entrance of the Sacred Valley.
- Religious terraces located above the citadel represents the wing of a partridge.
- Farm, villagers looted tombs of Incas before the arrival of archaeologists.

You will find the national flower of Peru's cantuta the trees 2 to 3 meters high, also called flower of the Inca.