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Aguas Calientes
Interest: 1/3

It is 1900 m above sea level, ente high mountains covered by the forest where there are three valleys of the Rio Urubamba and a torrent which leads the legendary Machu Picchu train. Moreover, the city was renamed in Machu Picchu Pueblo. Fabulous location but unfortunately all travelers going to or returning from Machu Picchu go through there, which makes Aguas Calientes one of the most visited cities in the world. Choississent Many spend the night to avoid the tourist crowd coming from Cusco and especially every morning to enjoy the sunrise. Opinions are contrasting souent on this large village that has grown evil. Some think Las Vegas has an insurmountable but others appreciate what makes identitée of this village: the railway line through the town in the street. Aguas Calientes is anyway a must to get to Machu Picchu, with prices much higher than the rest of the country, but it is not really surprising ...

What to do in Aguas Calientes?

- The thermal spring 700m from the village. These are sulfur springs, so do not worry about the color of the water. The water of the large pool reaches 35 degrees and continuously flows which is not the case for small. Swimsuit rental and towels on site. 10 NS entry.

- Pillpi Wasi between Aguas Calientes and Puente Ruinas. . Peru is home to 20% of butterflies in the world. Here is the opportunity to meet. 20 NS entry.

- The Gardens Mandor approximately 3kms of Aguas Calientes. The opportunity to discover the flora and flaure of Machu Picchu. Wide variety of exotic plants, orchids, birds and a refreshing waterfall to relax. Entrance: 10 NS.


  • Altitude: 2000 m
  • Climate: Dry throughout the year, some rain from January to March.
  • Inhabitants: 3400
  • Maximum temperature (yearly): 27.5
  • Minimum Temperature (annual): 25.5

    By bus

  • Most economical way through Santa Teresa.
  • By train

  • From Cusco, about 3 hours.